Stefanie and Zinovy’s New England Wedding in Berkshires

~ In no particular order, here’s what I most love about Stefanie and Zinovy, their love story, and their peeps: I’ll start out with purely selfish and work my way toward (sort of) altruistic . Stefanie is gorgeous. She’s my -heels-clicking-together-after-I-release-the-shutter kind of gorgeous. She’s my lens-is-sharper-and-faster-after-photographing-her kind of gorgeous. Gedney Farms is extraordinary. It’s peopled […]

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Bethany - October 28, 2013 - 3:43 pm

These images are stunning. This couple is very obviously deeply in love and I though I don’t know them, their love for one another is immediately evident. Bravo, Tobin.

Amber and Nathan’s Boulder, Colorado Wedding

This wedding was the culmination of so much anticipation from me and countless others of Amber and Nathan’s community. It was an honor, a joy, and a total blast to contribute my photography to their special day.  There wedding was a particularly special experience as it isn’t often I get to photograph a wedding surrounded […]

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Laine and Kevin’s Cambridge Massachusetts wedding at St. Raphael’s Church & Reception at The Oberon Theater

~ First off, Laine and Kevin’s wedding in the form of a simple equation: New England’s most vivaciously raging thespian + graphic novelist who is, himself, not less than one-third Looney Tunes character = a match made in (cartoon) heaven. My personal highlights of their wedding, in no particular order: Laine’s bridal bunny slipper heels. […]

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Caroline and Rob’s Quincy, Massachusetts wedding at the Tirrell Room

Caroline and Rob have the kind of small-town love story that movies are made of. Here’s a list of my top favorite things about their wedding, in no particular order.   Their unique brand of  quirky love. Just what an easygoing woman Caroline is (ahem…Bridechilla!). The wicked moving serenade given by one of their incredible […]

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Amanda - October 19, 2013 - 9:47 pm

Beautiful Pictures!

Tobin - October 17, 2013 - 3:15 pm

You are SO welcome, Rob! It’s a blessing to have had the opportunity to contribute to your wedding.


Rob Gardner - October 17, 2013 - 3:12 pm

Hey Tobin,

Thanks again for all the great work/pics you took, they look unreal. Thank you

Ibrahim’s 40th Birthday, Glenn Muse, Ojai California

Ibrahim, it was a uniquely special honor to help co-create and capture your 40th birthday celebration. To be surrounded by our dearest, and to do so in such a delicious setting, made only that much more so by the gifts from sooo many talented people was a sweet experience. I hope these images and videos begin […]

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[…] A very cool video overview of the event from Karen Nedivi here on Tobins Blog […]

Theresa and Chad’s Rustic Santa Barbara Wedding

Theresa and Chad radiate love and affection for one another, and it’s an honor to have had Tobin Photography be a part of their day. Hope you love these handful of images! To view the rest of the images from their wedding, simply sign the guestbook at the bottom of the screen! To view all […]

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Christine and Ben’s wedding at the Bacara and Santa Barbara Courthouse

Christine was a pleasure from the first moment we started talking about her intimate Santa Barbara wedding. I loved that when asked what she loved most about Benjamin, she said “I love that he is so vocal about his love for me and I hope our future kids have his dimples.” Sweetness. This wedding was […]

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How NOT to Loathe Your Wedding Photos

How NOT to Loathe Your Wedding Photos   Yesterday I showed my wife’s cousin, Molly, my wedding photography and she began crying…like, immediately. ”Wow,” I thought! My pictures really moved her! I was only half right. Turns out that while she WAS moved by my photos, she was really crying out of sadness for not having wonderful […]

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