Melissa and Jason’s Turner Hill Mansion Wedding

I had such a lovely time capturing the wedding day of Melissa and Jason; what lovely souls. I loved connecting with both of their families, and getting to witness and share in the colorful cultural wedding traditions from Melissa’s family (beautiful tea ceremony, blindfolded shenanigans, and creative use of chicken head, for starters :). And […]

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Some of my fave reception shots!

I was looking for a particular photo from a wedding I photographed in Boston to show some potential clients when, a few minutes into the hunt I realized there were a good little handful of favorite reception shots I wanted to show, so I figured I’d whip up this little blog post of ‘em. Enjoy! […]

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Theresa and Chad’s Rustic Santa Barbara Wedding

Theresa and Chad radiate love and affection for one another, and it’s an honor to have had Tobin Photography be a part of their day. Hope you love these handful of images! To view the rest of the images from their wedding, simply sign the guestbook at the bottom of the screen! To view all […]

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Stephanie and Tyler’s Gorgeous Montecito Wedding

- Stephanie and Tyler are two of the most extraordinary human beings I’ve had the honor of photographing. During our engagement shoot in Santa Barbara last year I learned they were special people, but their wedding simply blew my mind and my heart wide open in ways I couldn’t have expected. The thoughtfulness, intimacy, vulnerability and […]

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Stefanie and Zinovy’s New England Wedding in Berkshires

~ In no particular order, here’s what I most love about Stefanie and Zinovy, their love story, and their peeps: I’ll start out with purely selfish and work my way toward (sort of) altruistic . Stefanie is gorgeous. She’s my -heels-clicking-together-after-I-release-the-shutter kind of gorgeous. She’s my lens-is-sharper-and-faster-after-photographing-her kind of gorgeous. Gedney Farms is extraordinary. It’s peopled […]

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Bethany - October 28, 2013 - 3:43 pm

These images are stunning. This couple is very obviously deeply in love and I though I don’t know them, their love for one another is immediately evident. Bravo, Tobin.

Kate and Cristian’s Santa Barbara Wedding (at last)!

Eight years is how long Cristian and Kate waited for their wedding day. They met in their freshman year at high school and just went right on loving one another while all their friends’ relationships came and went like top 40 pop songs. Cristian and Kate are  as delightful a couple as I can imagine; […]

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Brook and John’s Figueroa Mountain Farmhouse wedding outside Santa Barbara

~ Brook and John are my kind’a peeps. Kind, adventurous, authentic, quirky, and deeply in love. As I made my way up Figueroa Mountain road after three solid days of rain, I passed a gorgeous, almost albino rainbow that pierced the deep blue sky and I was overwhelmed with a sense of wonder and a […]

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Bethany Wilson - October 18, 2013 - 9:46 pm

made me tear up. really.