Rebecca and Michael's Gorgeous Four Seasons Biltmore Santa Barbara Wedding - Tobin Photography
The Top 10 Reasons we loved capturing Rebecca and Mike’s wedding (in no particular order).
1. Rebecca and Mike are sweeter than some apple pie washed down with a swig of sweetened condensed milk, and their love just plain ol’ made me feel good (Note: I love feeling good).
2. Their community of friends and family are incredible…so much fun, support, joy, and witty humor coming at them from every direction was beautiful to behold and document.
3. Rebecca is uniquely beautiful. Not a requirement, but a lovely bride is, well, lovely. Not gonna lie. Rebecca’s delicate, fair-skinned beauty made me feel not unlike the lead photographer for the cinematic adaptation of the hit musical, Riverdance.
4. The Four Seasons Biltmore is stunning. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: Ya can’t throw a dead cat without hitting a gorgeous tableau on that property.
5. Mike is awesome. He’s into my kind of off-the-beaten-path electronic music, he’s suuuper easy-going, he’s a geek in all the best ways, and he’s just awesome.
6. The tenderness both Mike and Rebecca’s parents showed them all day, but especially during the post Kituba-signing ritual. Totes cried. Wish more people had parents as loving and expressive as these two.
7. They had Area 51 as their band. Always hard to tell the actual guests at a wedding Area 51 plays from the folks who simply drift in, lured by the siren-song of this band’s face-meltingly funky grooves.
8. Butterfly-friggin’-beach during a hazy Santa Barbara Sunset. Somebody help me!
9. The fact that Rebecca’s (awesome) sister-in-law bridesmaid, Anne-Sophie is French (and beautiful and charming). I’m a big Harry Potter fan, and in case you hadn’t worked this out for yourself – if the Longs were actually the Weasleys (who, ahem, are also a clan of gingers), then Anne-Sophie would be Fleur Delacour. It all lines up. Note that if you don’t follow what I’m saying, it only means you’re not an HP-O-File. Don’t feel bad, I’m the weird one here.
10. Donna-Friggin’-Romani. That woman coordinated the day so seamlessly, it was like buttah! She worked behind the scenes in total partnership with me and the other vendors to create a simply flawless event. Hats off, Donna. Hats off.
Rebecca and Mike, thank you so much for entrusting me and my team with such a special role in your wedding day. I hope you and your families love the photos as much as I loved contributing to your day with my photography.

Enjoy the video montage below (Be sure to watch it in high def, full screen and be sure your speakers are on!)

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