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I’m committed that my life and my business have a positive impact on the our planet and its people. So I set about to create fun, inventive ways for my clients’ love to make an impact that reaches even farther and wider than their weddings, their friends and families.

In fact I dreamed up two ways that your wedding actually helps save the planet and improve the lives of your fellow human beings.

People continue to inspire me. The conversations I’ve had with couples through the years have shown me beyond a shadow of a doubt that my clients also want to make a difference and help make our world a better place.

Your wedding will literally cause the planting of a HUNDRED young trees where it’s most needed on the planet! Several years back I created a partnership with Trees for the Future. They plant trees all over the the world (they’ve planted over 50 MILLION TREES!), and each time I photograph a wedding, I make a donation in the honor of the couple that enables Trees for the Future to plant a hundred trees!

So far, Tobin Photography and our clients have caused the planting of (hold on, are you ready for this??)…OVER 15,000 trees! That’s fifteen entire forests! Each tree helps replenish the world’s oxygen, provides habitat for wildlife, and gives back the forests that indigenous people rely on for their way of life.

Sweet, right?

Your wedding will provide clean, safe drinking water and sanitation for two people! We’ve partnered with WaterAid America, and now we make a donation in honor of each of our couples’ weddings that provides clean, safe drinking water and sanitation for people who are currently living without it (and there are over 11 million of our fellow human beings like this).

Each day I drink and bathe without a second thought. I turn on the faucet and the water just flows. You too, right? That’s the way it should be. Seems like clean, safe water should just be a basic human right, right?

Turns out that it’s actually luxury that so many of our fellow humans do not enjoy. This is a MAMMOTH BUMMER.

So rather than get all bummed out (who needs to another reason to get bummed out, right?),

I thought I’d get creative and see how Tobin Photography, our uh-mazing clients and their communities could make a difference (queue up the super hero music)!

Here’s the deal:

In celebration of my clients’ audacious act of love (their wedding), I’m going to make a contribution to WaterAid on their behalf that will provide clean water and sanitation for two people for a year. One for the bride and one for the groom.

WaterAid is awesome because SO much of the money they generate actually goes to the cause of giving people water. You can read all about that, and the rest of what they’re up to, right here. They’re incredible.