Care and Matt's Willowdale Estate Wedding - Tobin Photography

We had such a lovely time capturing Care and Matt’s sweet wedding. Seldom have I had the pleasure of working with two individuals who are as easygoing, kind, generous and loving as Matt and Care (the name says it all ;). But that’s not all…she (and their community of friends and family) are also wildly resilient, as evidenced by the se la vi-esque smiles and laughter shared as heavy (like, really heavy), chilly rain came pouring down from a single rogue cloud about 30 seconds prior to Care walking down the isle. Though wet and chilly, Care was a true champ…taking a deep breath, steeling herself against the cold, and then taking comfort in the warmth of Matt’s loving gaze as they wed.

As usual, the Willowdale Estate Team (fist bump, Alise) was such a delight, taking such great care of me and my team. Huge gratitude to all the amazing vendors who contributed to this special wedding.

And FYI- the fellow doing the worm at the bottom of the blog post is sober. Really.





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