Stephanie and Tyler's Gorgeous Montecito Wedding - Tobin Photography

Stephanie and Tyler are two of the most extraordinary human beings I’ve had the honor of photographing. During our engagement shoot in Santa Barbara last year I learned they were special people, but their wedding simply blew my mind and my heart wide open in ways I couldn’t have expected. The thoughtfulness, intimacy, vulnerability and love that infused into every part of their day was truly inspiring- from the gifts they gave one another; the love and attention they they invested into the writing of their vows; to the time and care they took in making sure that every single person in attendance felt special and truly loved.

I wept freely as I beheld the deep love that Tyler and Stephanie have for one another. During Stephanie’s father’s speech (who is also named Tyler btw), he read a journal entry he’d written his precious daughter on the very night she was born. As he read that twenty-something year old journal entry about what a cherished gift she was to him and his wife, and how he vowed to protect and provide for her throughout her life, I thought of my own daughter, now only 17 months old herself, and of the myriad overwhelming emotions I would feel for her on her big day, especially if she is fortunate enough to join her life with a man as bright, passionate and generous as Tyler… and it was during that speech that I wept so dang hard that I found myself more thankful than ever for the auto-focus feature of my camera, because without it, I’d have simply not have been able to focus through my tears!

Their friends and family are truly gems. From the magnanimous Rochesties, who generously hosted the wedding at their gorgeous Villa Florence, to the bridal party and beyond, they are blessed beyond measure to have people who love them so deeply in their lives…and I could tell by the the gratitude that poured from them that they know and appreciate just how blessed they are.

Stephanie and Tyler, I am so thankful that you invited me into your lives to participate in your wedding and I look forward to getting to see your love and family grow and expand as the years go by. You deserve all the best the world has to offer…and the world so needs your love. Go big, I know you will.