Jennifer and Chris's Rutherford Wedding and Napa Reception - Tobin Photography
The Top 5 Things I Loved About Jennifer and Chris’s Wedding (In No Particular Order)
1. The amaze-balls first dance medley that Jennifer and Chris did (see below for pictorial). That was a potpourri of dance awesomeness, the likes of which I’ve seldom-seen.
2. The heart-string plucking speech from Jennifer’s daughter. Totes cried. So happy for the coming-together of this new family.
3. The fact that they had a……wait for it…..HOOKAH LOUNGE at their reception. Wait, wha?!
4. The massive overdose of awesomeness of their friends and family.
5. The degree to which I was welcomed onto their dance floor once I’d “clocked out” for the night (see image below). Still nursing an over-milked dancegland.
Thank you so much for inviting me into your lives to contribute to your special day, it was an honor and a total blast!

Enjoy the video montage below
(Be sure to watch it in high def, full screen and be sure your speakers are on!)

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