Kristina and AJ's Wedding at Twin Peaks Ranch, Ojai, California - Tobin Photography

Kris and AJ may well be the most stylish people I’ve had the pleasure to photograph.  The moment I walked into the room and saw Kris getting ready, my breath was taken. I literally felt like I’d had the wind knocked out of me, she was so stunningly gorgeous that I had to temper myself throughout the day from complementing her without relent. That she also happens to be super kind, genuine, graceful, and unimaginably easy going (especially for a bride) seemed too many great qualities for one woman to possess…which is to say, “WHAT A CATCH! Nicely done, AJ! Way to take her off the market!”  She simply allowed herself to sink deeply into each delicious moment of her incredible day.

AJ was such a riot; his unorthodox attitude made the day so lively and fun. Their friends and family were so loving, supportive and proved themselves to up for a good party.  Being a new daddy, myself, I found myself moved to tears when Kris had her dance with her daddy(thank goodness for auto-focus!). As I photographed them together on the dance floor, I was so inspired by the love, pride and joy dad was feeling for his daughter, like it was the culmination of all of his dreams for her. I can only imagine what it will be like to be there for my own daughter when she unites with the love of her life.

Big thanks to Sonia Sharma of Sonia Events! Sonia and her team were incredible; professional, fun, and kept Kris in her easy-going state all day by having every detail handled so Kris didn’t have to worry about a thing…the mark of truly great wedding planning and coordination!