Brook and John's Figueroa Mountain Farmhouse wedding outside Santa Barbara - Tobin Photography


Brook and John are my kind’a peeps. Kind, adventurous, authentic, quirky, and deeply in love. As I made my way up Figueroa Mountain road after three solid days of rain, I passed a gorgeous, almost albino rainbow that pierced the deep blue sky and I was overwhelmed with a sense of wonder and a mystical knowing that today was going to be truly special.

Despite the deep, sludgy mud that overwhelmed much of the beautiful property it was clear as I arrived, that the storm had passed. On seeing my car pull up, Brook emerged from the farmhouse, her arms outstretched and greeted me with an offering of hot coffee and a smile. Her light, joyful, easy way of being set the tone for the entire day. Despite curve ball after curve ball thrown her way, Brook remained steadfastly “Bride-Chilla”, explaining that with the sun shining, the sky blue, and her on the precipice of marrying her best friend, that nothing could get her down. So, for rest of the day I relished capturing the love and celebration of her and John’s dear community as they ushered them through the sacred threshold of their wedding day. What a wonderful group of friends and family they have. They are truly blessed.

Thank you, Brook and John, for inviting me into your day and your lives to contribute in such a special way. It was an honor.

Enjoy this special video montage I’ve created to tell the story of their wedding day:



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