Catherine and Adrian's Holyoke Wedding at Holy Cross Church and Log Cabin reception - Tobin Photography

I love these people. In addition to being her own special unique flavor of gorgeous, Catherine has a softness about her person that made me feel at ease and my very best iteration of myself in her presence. Adrian gets the award for the groom most like myself in that his soft is open and soft; he cried early and often throughout the day, which, in tern, made me cry- a lot.

These two love one another very deeply and it shows in the little things like the way they look into one another’s eyes. Also, their families are just extraordinary. Adrian’s sister conspired with Catherine and others to pull off a truly touching surprise speech by Adrian’s brother, piped (skyped) in all the way from overseas (Germany, me thinks?) where he’s stationed, serving our country in the military. His speech was so beautiful and yes, made me cry (for roughly the 12th time that day).

Added bonus was getting to shuttle Catherine’s lovely parents from the spot we did family portraits to the reception and getting some time to drop in and get to know them.

It was an absolute honor to photograph their wedding and a day I’ll not soon forget. Thank you both (all!) for allowing me to be a part of your special day. I hope you love your photographs as much as I loved creating them.

Enjoy the video montage below (and be sure to view it FULL SCREEN!)

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