Amy and Anthony's Grass Valley Wedding - Tobin Photography

What a beautiful gathering of people was the wedding of Amy and Anthony. These two have such a unique flavor of love and partnership, unlike anything I’ve seen. It was an honor and a total blast to capture their big day. They’d originally meant to be married at an old rustic barn in Penn Valley, but the weather had other ideas, sending a torrent of frozen rain down upon those plans and so they brought all their unorthodox love and friends and their family to the good ol’ Foothills Community Center.

One of the (many) moments that brought the feels, bigly, for me, was when Anthony leaned down and made vows to his new step-children, promising to love and care for them and be their daddy just as he was promising to love and care for their momma.

Whew. Getting a little moist in the heart right now just recalling it.

Given the aforementioned weather, there wasn’t much in the way of dry, outdoor places to do their bride and groom portraits, so invited them to a do-over a couple of months later when the weather improved, and so that’s when we made the portraits toward the bottom. Hope you love ’em.


If you’d like to see all the images from their wedding, you can go to their gallery right here!

Note that the images in this blog post have undergone some artistic editing and touch-ups, and should you choose to purchase any prints from their wedding gallery, your images will too (plus teeth whitening, skin softening, and all that stuff).