Kathleen and Tim's Wedding at The Barnes of Wesleyan Hills, Middletown, CT - Tobin Photography

What a wedding!

Thank you Kat and Tim and your incredible community of amazing humans for inviting me to share in your wedding!

The Barns of Wesleyan Hills was extraordinary; gorgeous fountain-and-foot-bridge-clad pond; beautifully lit rustic barn; and who’da thunk…a storm drain that seems to have been made for photos!

Never have I photographed a bride so effusive, self-expressed, and made-for-the-stage as Kat! And their friends, OY VEY! Amazing! What friends you people have! I’ve been to a lot of weddings and your friends are the cream at the top! Nicely done winning (and keeping) such an amazing community!

I hope to be in your lives for years to come. Blessings on your marriage, you two. May you love one another well and long.