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The Knot and WeddingWire have just released the winners for Best of Weddings 2015 and Couple’s Choice Awards 2015 and… Tobin Photography has won them both, again, for the second year in a row! We are so humbled and honored to have been selected as “Brides Choice”, as well as “Couple’s Choice”, out of the thousands of talented photographers out there!

Here is what some of our incredible clients have to say about Tobin Photography!






Ashli and Jason 

“Tobin is such an amazing photographer and person. What I loved most about Tobin was his sense of humor. Being in front of a camera and the center of attention can be very nerve racking but Tobin made the experience so fun and light hearted! I’m also not a big fan of PDA but Tobin managed to get me to be more in the moment and touchy feel with my husband around other people which produced beautiful photos.
He is very professional, showed up right on time, scoped out the property and was able to really capture the day. He also drove us to our other photo location which was nice. My hubby and I were able to just sit back, relax, and enjoy our special day!

Seeing my photos for the first time was emotional! I’ve never seen myself look so beautiful and being able to have someone capture my husband and my love for one another was just amazing! In some of the photos he caught Jason (hubby) just staring at me and it just makes my heart melt.
When an opportunity arises to get photos taken, Tobin will be the first one I think about! I brag about him to everyone who sees our pictures, I just can’t help myself!
We had an issue with one of the photos we ended up ordering on canvas. Tobin was amazing though and we got a reprint that was perfect of course free of charge! Tobin you are amazing, thank you for everything!” – Ashli Kinner



Stefanie and Zinovy 

I cannot say enough good things about Tobin. He made our wedding! We instantaneously connected on our initial phone call and he was easy to work with throughout our entire process. Tobin is authentic, trustworthy and charismatic. He has an innate ability to make everyone feel so comfortable and let down their guards. His sense of humor is off the hook and as the first person we interacted with on our wedding day, he helped set the stage for an amazing wedding by putting everyone in a great mood (including the tough cookies) and capturing some phenomenal moments on film. I’ll never forget Tobin running down the hill with his bad back to take that shot of us walking down the hill with all of our guests trailing behind.

Tobin gave us and our guests 100% of himself. We could not have been more pleased to work with anyone on our wedding day and the photos and albums very much reflect the essence of our magical day. We were even surprised when Tobin sent us a photo montage set to music that we would have picked ourselves. The montage was even more impressive than our wedding video. Our friend Vicki puts it best…”Where did you find this photographer???? Honestly, this is probably the best I have ever seen! WOW! I am not kidding that I was just crying at my desk watching that montage. You and Stef look amazing in every single pic! He really captured that wedding and I don’t even know how he made that montage…it was unbelievable what he did. I have never seen that before!” Now we just have to find another reason to work with Tobin again!” – Stefanie Lob

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Michelle and Patrick 

“Tobin is an absolutely incredible photographer! I must have gone through the galleries of a hundred photographers before I chose Tobin Photography. His style and eye for beautiful shots drew me in and his promptness with corresponding with me, as opposed to others, had me sold. He has a way of putting you at ease with his great sense of humor while always maintaining professionalism. He is truly talented in how he incorporates creativity with the technical skills versus the “spray and pray” methods of some photographers. We were blown away by our photos, which were available within weeks. The images looked straight out of a magazine! Some of my friends commented that they wished their photographer had been as good as ours. We had an amazing experience working with Tobin and you will not be disappointed.” – Michelle Nguyen


Rachel and Ben 

“Working with Tobin and his staff was an incredible experience! My husband and I are not the photogenic type and were very nervous the photos would be awkward and unnatural. We are currently living in Chicago and so were planning the wedding long distance. Tobin was incredibly accommodating by allowing us to talk over Skype and assured our nerves by discussing with us his strategies to erase the nerves and awkwardness in photos. We also found we had many common interests and were immediately comfortable with him just from that one skype conversation. On the day of, he was there well before we arrived prepared and ready to go. The candid shots he got of us when we arrived are fabulous! There’s one in particular of my mother in law with a huge smile on her face that we love.

Our one on one session with Tobin was really wonderful. My husband and I are the type that never know what to do for posed photos and end up always looking awkward and cheesy. He provided verbal and visual direction that put us at ease and allowed us to be natural. The results are incredible!!! I have never felt and looked more beautiful and my husband who hates looking at photos of himself said “Wow, these pictures actually look like how I see myself in a mirror. I am a good looking guy!” In going through the pictures the other night picking our prints, we had a very hard time deciding what to order because there are so many gorgeous photos that show the love and joy that we both felt throughout the day.
The rest of the photos also came out absolutely beautiful! They really show the true emotion of the day. It is heartwarming to look back at them and see the tears and pride in my Father in law’s face while giving his speech and the pure joy of both our parents as they entered the tent. The photos really capture the essence of the wedding! It was such and incredible day and all the photos show that beautifully! I’ve been sharing them with everyone I meet!” – Rachel Jarrett




Kate and Mike 

“When I first saw Tobin’s profile on The Knot, one sentence in one of his reviews caught my eye and stayed with me; “You’ll want to invite him to Thanksgiving dinner!” And let me just say, there is a reason his reviews are all so positive. Working with Tobin is a dream come true! From the second he walked in the door to the gaggle of bridesmaids and glam squad bustling around, he blended seamlessly. He made us laugh (terrific Spanish accent and Jim Gaffigan impression!), he posed us and used examples that made all of us feel at ease AND glamorous, and felt like one of the girls. I completely trusted him and felt like he “got” us, and our relationships with our family and wedding party, so the pictures felt natural and warm. And the pictures! They are unbelievable. I’ve had lots of requests for Tobin’s info for future weddings, and so many compliments like “these look like magazine shots!” and “he perfectly captured the mood of your day”. You will not be sorry!” – Kate Monteiro



Keri and  Joey

“Tobin was an absolute blast to work with during our wedding a few weeks ago and for our engagement photos. Aside from being an extremely talented photographer, he is just wonderful to work with. He truly draws out people’s personalities and is such a fun and hilarious person – all the smiles in the photos are real ones! He was all over the place getting photos with the best lighting and snapping photos of everyone. At one point he was trekking through a thorn bush, nearly falling into a lake just to make sure he got the perfect shot of my husband and I. He had a good plan to make sure we got all the photos we wanted with family and friends and that we didn’t waste time getting photos we didn’t care about. I haven’t seen the photos from the wedding yet, but based on the other weddings he’s done and the engagement photos he took for us, I’m confident that they will be fabulous! Thank you for helping make our day special, Tobin!” – Keri Fogg

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 Catherine and Adrian

“Tobin was a true pleasure to work with on our wedding day. His humor, kindness, and charisma helped create such a fun, comfortable environment. The atmosphere of happiness and comfort he helped create really came through in our pictures. We were so, so happy with the photos, they captured so many special moments. In particular, Tobin was able to facilitate one of the most beautiful moments I have ever shared with my father, and capture that moment on film. I could not be happier that Tobin was part of our wedding day. Thanks Tobin, for sharing your gift with us!” – Catherine Mathews




 Amber and Nathan

“I was nervous about working with any wedding photographer – our wedding is only once in a lifetime, and finding someone good seemed impossible: we wanted someone who would listen to what we wanted, be quick with the “must-have” photos, catch every key moment, add creative flair, and stay out of the way all while producing incredible photos! Finding Tobin was the answer to our photographic prayers. We loved his presence, speed, and professionalism, and how he captured moments that we never thought could look so good. When we first saw the photos from our shoot it was an OMG! moment, you’d have thought the whole thing was set up by Vogue with the romance turned up past 11, my bride cried over them!” – Nathan Otto

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