"...your pictures are truly breathtaking..." - Tobin Photography

“Oh Tobin,

I cannot thank you enough. But, with this letter I shall muster all of my effort to try.

Not only did you work utter magic with light and angles, but you were quietly calm (and calming), deeply professional, brilliantly organized, exceptionally adept in the delicate art of bringing forth light and ease from within even the most camera-shy guests (and groom!).

You gleefully did whatever it took to get the shot without imposing your presence on the scene. Scaling walls? fjording streams? Lying on the ground? You did it all. Jeez…you even managed to charm our priest into granting you access to special shooting spots in the church.

And your pictures are truly breathtaking; they are more than I could have dreamt of. In them we all are natural, at ease, blissful, brimming with happiness, having a ball and, absolutely gorgeous. We are ourselves, but the very best, fun and most beautiful versions thereof!

And of the hundreds of incredible shots, so many exquisite portraits of mood and moment…one of our lovely little bridesmaids never stopped bouncing with excitement; you have captured her in flight, surrounded by the rest of the bridal party bathed in gentle sunshine with the tower of our Norman village church in the background, replete with English flag flying high in the blue sky. We can almost hear the church bells ringing in the background!

You just have a special way of gently letting people know that you have it all under control. And somehow you made the delicate luminous dusk rays of the northern English spring sing with poetry and life, as though it were dancing to your bidding.

Looking at the pictures has been and exquisite bliss, both reliving our favorite moments from the day, and discovering delightful new details we were too busy to absorb at the time.

Your photography has taken our breath away, Tobin. We have now grown accustomed to hearing friends and family make unprompted comments that ours are the very best wedding photographs they’ve ever seen in their whole lives.

With Great Gratitude,

Clare and Aubrey”