"...you are a magic-maker..." - Tobin Photography

“As you may remember, my wedding in Santa Barbara certainly had moments with challenge and stress. How refreshing it was to have joy and humor radiate from you throughout! You were a tension-melter.

The most touching moment I had with my mom the whole day was during the shots you set up with her and me. You have a way of facilitating intimacy in your photographs that is truly extraordinary.

You went beyond. I couldn’t believe it when I saw you had climbed up that ladder; my mom whispered in my ear, “I wouldn’t have gotten that shot” when she saw you crawling on your belly; you got my cranky flower girl niece to smile; and my disapproving mother to tear up with joy.

You are a magic-maker. It’s clear you love your work because you draw out love and joy from those you photograph. You were a joy to have involved in the most intimate moments of my special day. The smiles you brought to my face were not just for the photos, they were from my soul.”

With Greatest Gratitude,

Gabrielle Sundra