WOW. Ryan and Diana. Edna Valley Winery, San Luis Obispo, CA - Tobin Photography

The word that comes to mind first when I think about Ryan and Diana is “wow”. These two people are simply amazing. As their wedding drew nearer and I learned more about them, I already had a sense that they were extraordinary, but when I arrived at the wedding and heard the tales their friends and family told about their lives and their love story, I found myself blown away by who they are.

A few snippets:

Ryan once ran from Bozeman, Montana, to San Luis Obispo, California. In case you found yourself reaching for your calculator, I’ll save you the effort. That’s roughly a marathon per day, for 91 days.  Oh, and he did it barefooted to boot (sorry, had to do that). And he raised over $30,000 for children’s diabetes research in the process. WOW.  Yes, that does in fact earn him his membership card into the Total Compassionate Stud Club.

Between shifts as a nurse practitioner, Diana masterminded the ultimate adventure for her and her new hubby- to travel around the U.S., scaling the nation’s gnarliest peaks, canyons, and cliffs. The kicker? She’d settle for nothing short of an eight month gallivant. They managed to pull it off even though Ryan had just been hired at his brand new job working at a hospital in pulinary medicine (yeah, he’s also a doctor). So let’s review…he gets a great job offer fresh out of his residency but insists that he’ll only take the job if they give him a whopping 8-month leave during his first year. They agree. WOW.

Many people live their life like leaves in the wind, being blown about with the changing of their circumstances. Ryan and Diana are the wind-  they are creators of their own reality. But what’s more than their being the weavers of the very fabric that makes up their lives is just how deeply they love one another- with ease, joy, sensitivity, and a truckload of fun.

What an honor and privilege it was to contribute to the wedding of such extraordinary human beings. I am so grateful.

Thank you, Ryan and Diana for entrusting me with this most special role in your most special day. It was so great to get to help celebrate you two with your wonderful friends and family. I wish you both all the love, joy, and abundance in this world.

Thanks, too, to Tina Hoppe, event coordinator for the beautiful Edna Valley Winery. Tina, you are a star. Thanks for making it so fun and easy.