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Because I work with clients all over the world, it’s not always possible for me to sit down with people and show them the different options I have for wedding books. So, I decided to create this little video that will give you a good idea of what each is all about.



Prices for books are as follows:

Handcrafted, Leather-bound Wedding Album

  • 12″ x 12″ – With 70 photographs of your choice: $2,000
  • 10″ x 10″- With 60 photographs of your choice: $1,500
  • 8″ x 8″ – With 40 photographs of your choice: $1,250
  • Upgrade options:
    • Additional photographs may be added for $25 each (includes by-hand touch ups and layout design)
    • Metallic photo finish, add additional 20% of total book cost
  • Parent Album- An exact replica of the larger, primary album, in 8″ x 8″ size: 20% off total cost of book (based on list price of base book + all additional images)
  • If ordering 2 or more parent albums, they’re discounted 30% each.

I’m sometimes asked why the handcrafted leather album costs what is does. Indeed, after spending so much on one’s wedding already, it can feel like a huge, and arguably unnecessary expense to add an album on as well. As someone who is currently planning a wedding, I am all-too-aware of how expensive they are, so I feel your concern and wanted to take moment to explain why they cost what they do.

A great deal of time, expertise, and care go into the creation of this one book. In fact, the design process takes between six to eight hours, plus the time it takes us to make any revisions you may request to the design before it gets printed. To add, each image selected for inclusion in the album gets meticulously touched up by hand, which can take another four to five hours as well.  The binding of the book costs me several hundred dollars, too, as it’s all done by hand, bound in leather, and made from the very highest quality, archival materials.

It’s meant to be a treasured heirloom and to be passed down from one generation of your family to the next. So I encourage you to regard its purchase as an investment that will only grow more cherished as time goes on…as opposed to the money you spent, say, on food or wine or the DJ, which lasted only as long as your wedding did…and then was gone forever (except, of course, it lives on in your wedding album. Heh. 😉


Hard Cover Coffee Table Book

  • 7″ x 7″ – with 50 photographs of your choice: $350
  • Upgrade Options:
    • Add $110 to upgrade to 10″x 8″
    • Add $220 to upgrade to 12″ x 12″
    • Additional photos may be added for $10 each (includes by-hand touch-ups)
    • Add $75 to upgrade to ultra premium paper
  • When ordering 2 or more, take 20% off the second one and beyond (must be identical versions of the book)