Tobin Photography and Clients partner with WaterAid to give clean water to our fellow humans! In the spirit of LOVE! - Tobin Photography


Oh…by the way, here’s the text mentioned in the video, in case you want to spread the word!

“Friends and family! As you likely know, [insert fiance’s name here] and I are getting married soon (woot!). Well, our photographer, Tobin Photography, started this project where he’s donating money on our behalf, to WaterAid so that two people will have safe, clean water for a year! Sweeeet, right? Since our friends and family are awesome, we wanted to give you a chance to make a donation in the spirit of our wedding (or in whatever spirit you like). So, if you’re like us and you think that every human on the planet deserves access to water, then go to here and hook someone (or several someones) with water! $25 is all it takes! If you can’t swing $25, then whatever you can makes a difference! Be sure to leave a comment and mention that you’re our peeps so we can see how big a difference our community is making! Thanks! You rock! Love, [Bride and Groom’s names].”

Much gratitude for your help!