“…Stunning. Breathtaking. Honest. Emotional.…” - Tobin Photography

From the moment I contacted Tobin I trusted him to deliver 100%. His responses were timely and conclusive. I never questioned if he understood what was needed of him. Conveying the timeline and details of the wedding to him became joyful as Tobin’s own understanding of how each event is unique and magical was apparent. He only added to the power of the plan – and his insights and suggestions were always 100% spot on.

As a wedding planner I value presence and professionalism as well as connection to Spirit – the overarching energy that guides the entire event and defines why we are here in support of our client – The Couple getting married. Tobin is all of this and more. He is a beautiful combination of professionalism and wit, confidence and trust, openness and compassion. I fell in love with him instantly!

Then there are his photography skills. Stunning. Breathtaking. Honest. Emotional. Never have I seen the consistency in a gallery of Special Life event photographs as I have with what Tobin produces. It is obvious he invests everything into connecting with his clients through his camera to bring forth the powerful tale of their love.

As a wedding planner and consumer of fine art I recommend Tobin Poppenberg as your Wedding Photographer EVERY TIME.

-Sarah Trapkus