Steph and Tyler are engaged! - Tobin Photography

Stephanie and Tyler epitomize what it is to be a cute couple (which is obvious from even casual perusal of their engagement photos). They are so in love and so happy together that it’s contagious! I found myself jumping up and clicking my heals during our shoot!

It was an honor and a total blast to spend the afternoon with them and create these portraits to help ’em celebrate their love. I wish all people could have the kind of love in their lives that these two have for one another.

Plus…they’re just genuinely wonderful people. Tyler’s an entrepreneur who is committed to helping college students find affordable, appropriate housing, and Steph is an Awakening the Dreamer Symposium Facilitator. To boot, they share a  passion for helping animals and both volunteer at a local animal rescue facility. In short, they’re caring, committed people who are making a difference on the planet! My kind of peeps!

We photographed at Santa Barbara’s Butterfly Beach, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School, and at a private, Italian-style Montecito Villa which is where their wedding will take place and which is  owned by the some of the sweetest and most genuine people who just happen to (conveniently) be very close friends of Steph’s family. To say that this Villa is “stunning” would be a gross understatement and I simply can’t wait to make photographs at the wedding which showcase its beauty. I also had the great pleasure of meeting Steph’s parents (her dad’s name is also Tyler…coincidence?) who were just bubbling with pride and excitement for their daughter and soon-to-be-son-in-law (whew…that’s a lot of hyphens!)

Congrats, you two!