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Photos that Make a Difference: Shooting for Haiti- April 17th-18th in Santa Barbara

When the tragic earthquake rocked Haiti last month, I, like so many felt a profound sadness and pain, followed by an immediate and deep call to help in whatever way I could. So…rather than kickin’ rocks and feelin’ helpless, I’ve created a way to turn photography into aid for the relief efforts! YAY! So exciting!

The Project

Tobin Photography will be doing a whopping 24-hours of photo shoots in 2 days! The shoots will be short, 15-minute “mini-shoots” and ALL the revenue generated will go toward the relief efforts in Haiti via Direct Relief International!

What kind of shoots are these, exactly (like, who’s gonna be IN the photos)?
Whoever wants to come have professional portraits made of themselves and/or their loved ones AND make a difference in the process!

You might come down with:

– Your kids
– Your dog
– Your sweetheart (I am a wedding photographer, after all, you know…)
– Your band
– Or you might have been putting off those “headshots” for your website for long enough and bring yourself down for a lil’ solo shoot! Who knows!

How much does it cost?
We wanted to make this doable for everyone! So…you can score yourself a professional mini-shoot for a cool $50 “sitting fee” (which (ehhem), by the way, is hundreds less than you could get me to take your picture any other day of the year! Just sayin’.)! But…given that we’ll be giving 100% of the proceeds to charity, you are of course free to give as much as your big heart desires!

Who does the money go to?
You’ll be writing a check directly to Direct Relief International! We love the work they’re doing because so much of the resources they gather actually goes toward helping the people in need and we’re  honored to support them! AND…they’re based right here in Santa Barbara! Woot!

What do we get for the $50 ‘sitting fee’?
You get to run around with me or one of the 3 other killer photographers for 15 minutes and get a ton of beautiful, professional photographs (you’d be surprised how many frames we can pop off in a short time when we get excited, let me tell you!)! You’ll be given a card with a website where you can go to order premium, archival quality prints of the images (and other cool photo gifts) and even download the high resolution image files if you want. The prints and other photo gifts do cost extra, but they’re very well-priced, and another 25% of the profits from the sales of the prints will also go to Direct Relief!


We’ll be shooting from 7AM — 7PM (WHOA!) on April 17rd and 18th. That’s a whopping 24 hours of shooting in 2 days! Ha!


Alice Keck Park right near the pond.

How do I book a mini-shoot?

Click here to book your mini-shoot!