Rachel and Cris: Sausalito, California - Tobin Photography

From the moment that I met Cris and Rachel, there was such a wonderful and strong connection of friendship with us.  These two kind, gentle, and unabashedly fun spirits are a picture of love and joy. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to contribute to their special day and to have created a young friendship with them and their friends and family.

We started at San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts and were undaunted when we found that entrance to the pavilion itself was closed for construction. After making some sweet portraits there from across the pond, we moved to Sausalito and meandered around the downtown harbor area, laughing all the while. It was easy to make them laugh, but fun none-the-less. Just as we finished our bride and groom photo session, their guests arrived on a classic San Francisco streetcar and the wedding was ON. It was a sweet, short, tender, and authentic ceremony, with a mere 40-ish of their closest friends and family, but no shortage of love and celebration abounded.

Thank you, Rachel and Cris, for your trust, your friendship, and for how well you love one another. I wish you all the love, joy, and abundance throughout the years of your partnership.