"...Tobin was profession, organized, very creative, and flexible..." - Tobin Photography

The wedding photography was high priority on my list for our wedding. I had a clear vision of what I wanted and I searched for a couple of months for photographers whose work I thought could meet that vision. Tobin’s work stood out to me because it was whimsical, and creative and romantic just like what I was looking for. My fiancé and I narrowed the dozens of photographers we looked at down to three, and after talking to Tobin, we knew he was the right choice. I did not want a bunch of stock pictures that looked like they could have been taken at anyone and everyone’s weddings. Tobin listened to the feeling we wanted captured, our concerns, and our ideas and he offered up great suggestions. We could tell in the conversations that his personality and talent would be prefect. Tobin was profession, organized, very creative, and flexible. That is what you want in a wedding photographer!

We loved having Tobin at our wedding and he was genuinely a delight the whole day. I remember when he was taking the ‘getting ready’ photos, it was pretty hectic all around me and Tobin was such a calming presence. Just a little something extra he brought along with his cameras. When we saw our pictures, there were so many little special moments he had captured that I hadn’t even seen that day. So many sweet surprises with my family and friends mixed in with the stunning shots. It was truly like reliving our wonderful day when going through the photos. My husband was so delighted with them as well. We both commented on how amazing it was how many unique and different perspectives and angles Tobin got. I don’t know how one person could have done it, but Tobin did.

My mom was so impressed with Tobin the day of the wedding that she hired him to take some photos of my new husband and me in the redwood forest the next day. I was blown away!!! These pictures still bring me to tears 6 months later, they are so lovely and playful. People are constantly commenting on how unique and special our photos are and I cannot thank Tobin enough for that.

-Kasey Rude