Pamela and Jason's Yarmoth Wedding - Tobin Photography

Pam and Jason are so darn sweet together. I had such a wonderful time photographing their wedding and I’m thankful they invited me into their lives to capture and help them re-live the beauty of their day forever.

In no particular order, here is a list of my favorite things about Pam and Jason and their wedding:

  • They’re the sweet brand of quirky and they know it and love it. My kind’a folk.
  • On meeting me, Jason offered to let me use his camera as an extra rig with which to capture the wedding. While I came packin’ some serious heat of my own and thus didn’t need to take him up on his offer, his generosity was inarguably sweet and kind-hearted. Thanks, Jason!
  • Pam is a total gem. Not only is she easy going as can be (for example, she was a “yes” to having the shots of her girls lacing her up happen in the part of the event center that was under construction because is had the best light. Boom. My kind’a gal.), but she’s radiant, AND crafty. She made her bouquet out of felt and other crafty lil’ items. Awesome.
  • They got married in brightly-lit church with “straight out’a the movies” charm.
  • Their friends and family are loving and supportive. The kind I wish everyone had.

Blessings on your marriage together, Pam and Jason!


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