"...love for each other to capture incredible moments..." - Tobin Photography

I remember our first phone call with Tobin as we began the hunt for our photographer. My (now) hubby and I were in Maine on vacation, and were getting ready for our call with Tobin. Never having planned a wedding before, we had no idea what to ask. So, I had my wedding binder and the questions from “The Knot” to ask away. When Tobin called, he instantly had us laughing, smiling, and it felt like he had known us forever. Mid-call, Tobin said, “That look on your faces right now is what I will capture that day.” I was sold. It was only the beginning of our relationship, but already we knew Tobin was the type of photographer who just gets wedding photography – who answers the questions before you ask them and who knows how to bring out a couples’ love for each other to capture incredible moments.

-Caroline Gillis