Kristall and Jake's Gorgeous Ojai Wedding and Reception - Tobin Photography
Jacob Mosler is one of the most loving, kind, generous, creative, and vibrantly alive men I’ve ever known.
Yet, for the nearly 15 years I’ve known him, there was always some important part of Jake that has known, beyond a doubt, that he was waiting for his true love, his woman, his queen.
I still remember the night I got the call from Jake telling me that he’d found her, that her name was Kristall, and that he would make her his wife.
That was the night he asked me to capture his wedding to this extraordinary woman.
A year or so later, I had the extraordinary honor of getting to document the love, joy, tenderness, and celebration of their wedding. So sweet to be with so many friends, new and old. I wish I could do it again and again.
I am honored to know you both, grateful for your friendship, and thrilled for the future of your life together.

Enjoy the video montage below (Be sure to watch it in high def, full screen and be sure your speakers are on!)

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