Jim and Christian- A grand love. - Tobin Photography

When my dear friend Jim asked me to come make a few photographs of him and his beloved grandson, Christian, I was honored.  Jim is one of those men in my life, for whom I have an ever-growing appreciation and admiration. As a father, a partner, a friend, and most recently, as a grandfather, he shows up as the kind of man I am creating myself to be. In addition to being my friend, Jim is a role model and a mentor of mine. As my sweet partner, Jasmine and I eagerly await the arrival of our first child, I am newly present to and inspired by the ample models of amazing parenthood, and loving mentor-ship that surround me.

The immense dedication Jim invests into his grandson shows up in quality of their connection. That he pours his time and attention into this little person, playing together (with the zeal of a man half his age, might I add) shows up vividly in the tenderness portrayed in these photographs. With Jim, it’s not just about “quality time”, it’s also about “quantify of time”.

Thank you, Jim, for loving your little guy so much, and for being such a strong model of father, grandfather, partner, friend, and leader in our community.