Jessica and Mike's Boston Wedding - Tobin Photography


On the day before I shot Jess and Mike’s wedding I got my hand slammed in a car door, leaving me shooting their wedding with what turned out to be a very badly broken hand. And yes, it was my shooting hand, in case you were wondering.

Following is a list of the incredible things about Jess and Mike and their wedding that made my hand hurt just a little bit less and helped me stay in the game instead of fainting, as was my inclination:

  • Jess and Mike are two of the most kindhearted, genuine, loving people I’ve had the good fortune to photograph.
  • Also, they’re totally hot…or “easy on the lens” as I like to say.
  • By some freakish twist of fate all of their friends and family are also totally hot.
  • They, along with their awesome bridal party don’t take themselves too seriously, and were thus a perfect fit for my off the wall sense of humor and directing style and played right along, making for some good friggin’ times and neat fun.
  • They took my guidance and counsel to heart, allotting plenty of time in the schedule for pictures, making it a leisurely experience for all (admittedly more leisurely for those without a broken hand, but you get the idea).
  • They genuinely love one another…like a ton. Makes a diff.
  • They love their families dearly and I could just feel the love and joy pouring from their friends and family onto them.  
What a day. Thank you, Jess and Mike for who you are, for loving one another so well, and for the great honor of having me photograph your most sacred and special of days. Big thanks too, to everyone who helped make their wedding so extraordinary.

The rest of the photos will be ready very soon!

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