Jess and Mike are engaged! - Tobin Photography

Okay, these two are adorable together. They’ve got just the right proportion of fun, flirty, and deep, genuine love for one another to create the perfect joyful afternoon photo shoot together (not to mention the perfect marriage!).

We started our shoot at Boston’s beautiful, historic Public Library in Copley Square, which (as I later learned), Jess was “a bit skeptical about” (see Jess…never fear!). There, we flitted from room to room, staking out the spots with the best light and the fewest people studying fervently (well, except for that one shot we got in the middle of the SILENT room! Ha! They never saw it coming!). 

From there, we continued on (thanks to the generous help from their good friends Pete and Julie (thanks, you two!!) who acted as our personal chauffeurs for the day), to the Boston Public Garden where Jess and Mike: A.) Pretty much played back-up for a one-man-band, B.) narrowly avoided augmenting their outfits with goose droppings on the dock at Swan Lake (no, NOT swan droppings), and C.) practiced some of the moves that Mike does for his work with the world-renowned Smith Ballet Company.

We finished our journey at beautiful Acorn street on Beacon Hill where one of the local residents was kind enough to let us use the street out front and to either side of his house to make some beautiful portraits. Thank you sir, for your kindness and generosity! We could not have done it without you!

Mike, you are one heck of a big teddy bear with one heck of an aggressive smile on you. Jess, you’re just the perfect, delicate, sultry flower for Mike. Good job finding one another. I just can’t wait to capture the magic on your wedding day!