JAY ROCKS! - Tobin Photography

Sometimes couples who are considering having Tobin Photography shoot their wedding will ask about my second photographer. They want to know what kind of a character he is, if he’ll gel with their crowd, get a sense of who this mystery wild card is, and, naturally, they want to be sure he’s a great photographer. Well, I can’t blame you guys one bit for wanting to know, so I figured I’d share that right here.

First off, Jay is a total sweetheart. While he’s a *bit* on the quieter side, as compared with me, he’s very friendly, genuine, and kind-hearted. While his time is (as you’ll soon see) best spent behind the lens, he’s not above helping cinch up a particularly unruly corset, sprinting back up to the hotel room to grab the rings that got left behind, or preventing the train from dragging in that hidden mud puddle (all true stories).

My clients regularly report that they absolutely loved him and that they considered him to be an invaluable addition to their day.

Plus, Jay’s an incredible photographic technician with a very unique perspective from my own. He just sees things differently to the extent that I’ll look at an image he’s taken and think- “Well I just wouldn’t have thought to take that picture that way. I’m so glad I’ve got this guy on my team!”.

Now for the goods. Following is a selection of some of my favorite images shot by him over the last couple of years we’ve worked together.