Ibrahim's 40th Birthday, Glenn Muse, Ojai California - Tobin Photography

Ibrahim, it was a uniquely special honor to help co-create and capture your 40th birthday celebration. To be surrounded by our dearest, and to do so in such a delicious setting, made only that much more so by the gifts from sooo many talented people was a sweet experience. I hope these images and videos begin to hint at how wonderful it was.

Deep gratitude to everyone who made this the extraordinary feat of cooperative magicianship that it was- which was a TON of people! Extra, extra special thanks to Gabrielle Sundra, for her generous heart, her unending joy at being in service to her beloveds; to McKenna and MaryAnne of MaryMac Events for coordinating such a beautiful blend of contributors to create a weekend of wonder and an evening that gave us a platform suitably epic on which to celebration so extraordinary a man (ahem, this was not easy).

And the food, OY VEY! Leela Brett, you and your awesome team transformed the garage into a world-class 24/7 gourmet restaurant, flooding the festivities with toothsome tastes, punctuated blessedly by Moet and Vuve, and yes, served by oddly handsome, smile-clad british lads (c’mon, never hurts).

Jeremy and his team at Islay Events, along with Town and Country Rentals, and Jen Williams Floral Design managed to transform a regular ol’ mansion landscape into an ethereal wonderland!

Geeta Novotny, your singing catalyzed the energy in the space, your voice shifting and focusing our collective consciousness to our beloved birthday brotha and spreading silent smiles across every face.

Awe, love and appreciation to Garrison Cohen, whose poem spoke the words our hearts would if they finally knew just what to say. Such a treat to laugh from my gut as I learned about and felt the love others have received from my friend.

Huge shouts out to Karen Nedivi for your videographic (mad) skillz, to Kristin on krowd kontrol and Jake on photo booth [fist bump] – you were invaluable to team photo,  making people feel (somehow) even more comfortable and uninhibited in front of the camera (a noteworthy feat in a crowd with such powerful inclinations toward comfort and who lacking the customary inhibitions that characterize the rest of the population), and allowing me to exhale here and there to enjoy some of the party. Nicely done. Real nice.

Finally, so much love and thanks to you, Ibrahim, for throwing one of the greatest parties, eva’. That was realllly somethin’.

Be sure to check out the videos at the end of the post!

The party in three minutes, 52 seconds (turn on your headphones for this one!)

Our wishes for you, Ibrahim!

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