"...magnificent experience..." - Tobin Photography

“I just want to say that I loved everything about working with you. Not only are you a great friend but you took such care and detail when working with Aaron and I and our guests on our special day. I could not imagine the day without your presence.

From the moment we confirmed that you would be shooting our wedding I completely relaxed and got super excited at the same time because I knew that we would have THE BOMB DIGGETY Photos and you of course did not let me down.

The first official photo of us is so stunning. My mouth fell open the first time I saw it. I mean come on, really??!! It really does look like a perfume ad. So many people have asked me about you and have said how magical our wedding seemed and of course that feeling jumped right out of our photographs.

You are a true artist and have such a great personality. I knew that everyone would love working with you because you are so playful and loving but also sweetly stern when you have to be to get the shot.

And… the private photos…you know the ones I’m talking about  🙂  wink wink. Only you would I have trusted to shoot me in such a personal and intimate way. You even helped to unwrap my Bells!!! Tobin, you are so much more than a Photographer, you are a magnificent experience, one that every Bride and Groom should treat themselves to. Thank you Thank You Thank You so much for being a perfect addition to our perfect day.

Big Humongous Love”

-Renee & Aaron