"...eternally grateful..." - Tobin Photography

“When planning our wedding with a limited budget, we had to make decisions about what was important to us. The one thing we decided on from the beginning was to spend money on a good photographer, even if it meant compromising on other things.

During the year before the wedding, there were so many decisions to make and booking a photographer was just one of the things that needed to be planned. Now that it is over, the pictures are all we have left.

We chose Tobin because both of us, having been avid amateur photographers for a good part of our lives, loved his photojournalistic style and we found him very easy to connect with. We had two video conferences prior to the wedding and by the time our wedding day arrived, he felt like an old friend or cousin that happened to be a professional photographer. Everyone told us how fast the day would go, but it still didn’t prepare us for the blur that was our wedding day.

A few days after we returned from our honeymoon and having to get back to “normal life”, I opened Tobin’s slideshow which was a preview of some of his favorite shots set to music we chose. I was so moved that he had caught the day — not just the snap shots that everyone takes with their cameras and cell phones, but really caught it.

If we didn’t have Tobin’s pictures, our wedding day would have disappeared to the same place where all past days go. During the months of planning a wedding, it’s hard to imagine that that could happen. But as the years go on, memories fade, and loved ones pass, I am eternally grateful that Tobin came into our lives to keep our wedding day alive for all time.

Thank you, my friend!”

-Andy Perry