"...his personal style is just fantastic..." - Tobin Photography

When we were thinking of WHO we’d be getting to photograph the most important day of our lives (we’d been together for 11 years on the day of our wedding 10.01.16) there was no thinking. (We’d only been talking about it for years. Years!!!) We first saw Tobin’s work in 2008 and were totally blown away. The attention to detail (we appreciate people who are so passionate about their work that they border on geeky) was apparent and appreciated. However, the way he connects with the his subject matter is unparalleled. He brings out the best in people, that’s just how he is. Needless to say, we highly recommend this wonderful man.

Tobin Poppenberg is THE best wedding photographer (and people photographer) we have ever known. Hands down. He’s a delightful human who adores people!!! When you see his photos, you see a true heart-connection that comes from deep down. The magic he captures with his eye is truly astonishing. He understands how to make the most of the scenery, the people, the moment. When we saw our photos, we cried tears of joy. We knew they would be special but had no idea what he would actually capture. His photography made our wedding day experience exceptional. There were no surprises, nothing left undone. He communicated clearly and thoroughly so that we could relax and enjoy our day as much as we possibly could.

Finally, I need to say that his personal style is just fantastic. Many people commented on how much the photographer looked like the epitome of “the photographer”!! He truly was in every way. ADORABLE. We love this guy, can you tell? There are so many boring, run-of-the-mill pictures out there. In the vast sea of wedding photographers, this guy stands heads above the rest for a reason. But, I believe that everyone deserves to have such gorgeous photos of their wedding day. Thank you, Tobin!!! You’re remarkable, extraordinary and we adore you. We’re honored and overjoyed to have and to share these wonderful moments with others.

-xo Katie and Mark