“…cheerful, professional, creative energy that makes everything right…” - Tobin Photography

Tobin effortlessly generated the most epic wedding photo of me and my bride I’ve ever seen, anywhere! As in, they should use this photo to sell jewelry, photo frames, wedding cakes, and really, marriage!

He’s SO easy with the bride and whole wedding party. You may not know how bad it can be when a grumpy, jaded photographer barks around the whole group and dampens the vibe—it’s, well, it’s awful. Don’t let that happen to you.

Tobin is someone you WANT at your wedding—he’s always having fun, always adding to the pizzazz, always professional, and incredibly good at making everyone look, not only great, but natural.

I hired him for my wedding, and now when my friends tell me they are getting married, if they haven’t hired Tobin I feel little pang of disappointment for them—because I don’t actually know for sure they are going to get the lifetime value of this incredible joyous event. My two closest friends I actually sat them down and had them change photographers—they worshipped my lotus feet in gratitude afterward.

Yes, Tobin is that good. Better.

PS: Tobin is the guy you want there when something goes wrong: power out? Rain? Event planner screws up? Wedding party bus gets lost? Red wine on the bride? Tobin will take it in stride with a cheerful, professional, creative energy that makes everything right. “Great photos no matter what” should be his superhero catch phrase.

-Nathan Otto