Caroline and Rob's Quincy, Massachusetts wedding at the Tirrell Room - Tobin Photography

Caroline and Rob have the kind of small-town love story that movies are made of.

Here’s a list of my top favorite things about their wedding, in no particular order.  

  1. Their unique brand of  quirky love.
  2. Just what an easygoing woman Caroline is (ahem…Bridechilla!).
  3. The wicked moving serenade given by one of their incredible groomsmen.
  4. The degree of awesomeness with which the wedding party/family infused their totally over-the-top grand entrance. Hats off guys. Hats totally off.
  5. The roasty toasty, yet sweet and loving Made-of-honor speech. Nicely done (see picture below for a visual of what everyone was feelin’ :))
  6. The deep love their parents have for them, and they for their parents. Love that. (See mother-son, father-daughter dance pics below for evidence).
  7. Their friends know how to RAGE IT, PROPER (yes, also see below).

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