Alyssa and Bob's wedding at Willowdale Estate outside Boston - Tobin Photography


Alyssa and Bob are delightful human beings! Their love for one another radiated vibrantly on their wedding day and their friends and family were so loving and supportive; it was truly an unforgettable wedding. You’ll see what I mean in the photos.

Their  vision was as unique and beautiful as they are. Fancying handmade, vintage-inspired stylings over the countless mass-produced options available, they sourced many of their details from small businesses they found through, including her headband, necklace, their guestbook, flower poms, and photo booth props as well as Bob’s ring. Alyssa’s ring was super unique, too. Sourced from a collective of  jewelers called Turtle Love Co. She said that once she’d stumbled upon Turtle Love Co., a few years back, she  knew she wanted her wedding ring from one of their artists.  She chose hers for its wood-like texture.  Their cuisine was 100% vegan, and utterly scrumptious, as it was prepared by the expert chef at Willowdale Estate in Topsfield, Massachusetts.

Speaking of the splendid Willowdale Estate, it was a privilege to work with them to help co-create the magic for Bob and Alyssa’s big day. In addition to its exquisite beauty, their team is so helpful and warm. They truly live up to their commitment, which is written in blue scroll in the entryway into their kitchen: “Treat every guest of Willowdale as though they were a guest at your own home.” Special thanks to Monique for being accommodating and making my job even more fun.

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Special thanks to the vendors who helped make Bob and Alyssa’s wedding so beautiful: