Alex and Ileana! Viva Cuba! - Tobin Photography

How on earth did the two most delightful (and hot) Cuban-Americans in all of New York City happen to wind up at the same itty bitty lil’ Jazz Club on the same seemingly-random Monday night? Was it fate? Magic? Un regalo de Dios? Who can know? But no matter why it happened, these two human beings are so exquisitely matched and wild for one another it is delicious to be in their presence.

And…they’re total friggin’ rockstars, to boot! Two years ago Alex won a Tony AND a Grammy for his work as musical director on the Broadway musical, In the Heights! And Ileana is a phenomenally accomplished life coach who is committed to helping people cause the life they have always dreamed of for themselves. Okay, that’s just awesome. Oh…she also just happens to be taking on new clients right now in case you’re ready to take things to the next level and beyond in your own life!

What a blessing it is to have these incredible people as clients. I can tell I have made life-long friends in them.

Alex and Ileana- thank you for loving one another so fully and for bein’ so darn cute about it. You are an inspiration! Can’t wait to capture and help co-create the magic of your wedding next month!