Abraham, Shannon, and Lil' Baby Shabey! - Tobin Photography

Abraham and Shannon are two of the most wonderful, generous, kind, and loyal people I’ve had the privilege of knowing (did I mention beautiful?) and photographing.  And…they’re bringing their first little one into the world. They don’t know what they’re going to name him yet, but…”Shabey” is a really cute place-holder in the intirum (get it…Abe+Shannon+Baby= Shabey!)

I recently had the honor of taking them on a photo adventure through the sunny mountains of Santa Barbara in Scofield Park.

It was so delightful. The sun was out, and the trees were lush and green, and best of all, the love and tenderness Abraham and Shannon were able to experience and express with one another, with their unborn son, and with the camera, was truly moving. I had them meditate on the baby, and visualize being with him, sharing love and joy with him, sing to him, and just practice BEING with their him. It’s amazing the kinds of photographs that can be created when two people (or in this case 2.3 people…heh) really drop in and just BE with one another, getting present to the authentic, organic emotions they have for one another.

Form, lighting, and stunning backdrops are well and good and very important in making photographs, but these photos SING because of the emotions that Abe and Shannon let themselves be present to while I made these photographs of them.

And…a very special thanks to Tanja Lippert, my sweet friend and mentor! I recently participated in her “Light Walk” workshop, and gained a much greater understanding and ability to SEE and capture beautiful, natural light! Thank you Tanja!