"...personal, honest and artful..." - Tobin Photography

It’s coming up on our one year anniversary!  I can’t believe how much time flies.
Dude, you are a first-rate photographer and artist!

From the moment I saw your portfolio, I could tell that there was something special about your work…somehow you’re able to capture spontaneous moments in a way that was personal, honest and artful.  Everybody looks good in your shots!

I am so glad that we booked you to photograph our wedding.We still look at our engagement shots and smile.  Ileana and I have never been much for modeling, but your sense of humor and go-with-the-flow attitude was PERFECT for us.  We still get compliments from our friends and family on those photographs.

You captured every aspect of our wedding day in gorgeous, poetic images.  We feel honored to be in your photographs!  I’m instantly transported back to the moments that you caught because the photos feel genuine and alive.

When it was about documenting the day, you always got the best angle.  When it was about taking posed pictures of Ileana and I, you guided us through every location and position with a warm energy.  You made us feel so comfortable, and you caught some moments where you just FEEL the love emanating from the image, whether it’s pics of us or our guests.Thank you, thank you, and thank you!  May you keep shooting forever.  You’re the best!”

-Alex Lacamoire