Associate Photographers - Tobin Photography

Jacqueline is incredible...

she graduated from the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography in 2007 and is constantly cultivating herself as a photographer to keep her work fresh and creative.

She loves that photography gives her the opportunity to meet and work with new people.

She loves the beach, tennis, yummy food and her tiny Shih Tzu, “Mia”, who goes most everywhere her.

She feels lucky and blessed to be doing what she loves and I feel so blessed to have her on my team!

While she brings her own unique perspective, she’s also been working with me for several years and she’s learned my style of shooting and relaxed, authentic vibe of directing well.

Here’s some of Jacqueline’s handy work for your viewing pleasure:


She’s a sci-fi geek (which is to say she hopes you live long and prosper.)

She’s obsessed with Japanese Kit Kats! What flavor will they think of next?

She can be bribed with cupcakes.

She’s half- Filipina, half bad-ass.

She loves to laugh…hard.

She wishes she could break-dance. Or at least “pop-n-lock” a little.

And here’s a collection of some of her favorite shots:


Anna was born and raised in Germany.

She graduated at a renown German Photography School .

At the age of twelve, her mom gave her an old medium format camera and from that day on she spent countless hours exploring,

shooting and processing the images in a tiny dark room constructed in their basement.

She loves surfing, snowboarding, hiking and climbing – basically anything outdoorsy.
She also loves yummy food (and especially mashed potatoes, must be because of her German ancestry),
clean design, and her hubby…
she just got married to a German guy she met in California – what a fairy taleā€¦

Here’s some of Anna’s recent work: