Dancer - Tobin Photography

With my little girl taking a great deal of attention, coupled with providing for a family, I don’t have the time I did as a younger fella’ to get out and shake it. That’s why, every day I get notified by an alarm that it’s time to get up from mycomputer, and DANCE! Even if it’s only for five minutes, it makes all the difference in the world. I feel so free and alive when I dance. It’s one of the things I’m most thankful for in life.

My daughter Soleil’s first real laugh came when I was holding her in my arms, dancing to Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean in our living room, when she was only a four months old. Proof positive that she is her father’s daughter ;).

…when the host of the business conference I was attending, announced after our lunch break that we would be taking a break from the usual business content and spicing things up with, yes, a Michael Jackson dance-off. While I’d never danced on stage, I knew that my great love of dancing, Michael Jackson, and my perpetual desire to do things that are out of my comfort zone were going to see to it that I was on that stage. Little did I know that I’d walk off the stage a few minutes later completely high on a cocktail of endorphins and adrenaline, with a new iPod mini, and an awesome story for the grandkids (and you :)).