Words of love

“…you are a magic-maker…”

"As you may remember, my wedding in Santa Barbara certainly had moments with challenge and stress. How refreshing itSee more loveliness»

“…eternally grateful…”

"When planning our wedding with a limited budget, we had to make decisions about what was important to us. The oneSee more loveliness»

“…your pictures are truly breathtaking…”

"Oh Tobin, I cannot thank you enough. But, with this letter I shall muster all of my effort to try. Not only didSee more loveliness»

“…Glimpses into our hearts…”

"Dear Tobin, I knew that I wanted you as our photographer the moment I knew I would marry Branden. We were soSee more loveliness»

“…You were such a blessing…”

"As time goes by, I just love these pictures more and more! I just wanted to thank you again for being such a blessingSee more loveliness»

“…You felt like a member of the family…”

Dear Tobin, Michelle and I are so happy that you were able to take care of our wedding photography. From the firstSee more loveliness»

“…magnificent experience…”

"I just want to say that I loved everything about working with you. Not only are you a great friend but you took suchSee more loveliness»

“…The space to be ourselves…”

"Every time I look at my wedding and engagement pictures, I smile... not only because of the images I see but becauseSee more loveliness»