Edward and Elizabeth's Santa Barbara Wedding - Tobin Photography

When my old friend, Edward Roach, called me to ask if I could photograph he and his love, Elizabeth’s wedding, I was thrilled to bits. The reason for my delight was threefold- First, because of what a gem of a human being Edward is. He is kind, generous, loving, and has a charming magnetism about him that simply draws out the love in those around him. Simply put, he’s an absolute pleasure to be with. Second, because I hadn’t yet met his beloved, about whom I had heard wonderful things, and I was eager to finally get to experience her for myself. And third, because I knew that given Edward’s luscious, impeccable taste in everything from food, wine, decor, to music and friends, that this would be a wedding not to miss. Turns out I was not wrong about that.

It was an honor and a total blast to participate and help co-create the magic of these two beautiful people’s wedding.  Perched upon a hill overlooking Santa Barbara and the pacific coastline, the day was filled with the love and joy of community, romance and deliciousness for all of the senses.

It was so wonderful to work with the Giseli Spera of Immaginare Events, and her wonderful team. Giseli orchestrated the events of the day with such grace, ease and fun, that it seemed more like a dance than mere wedding coordination. Giseli, thank you so much for doing whatever it took to have Edward and Elizabeth’s wedding roll smoothly along, and yet somehow managing to keep the lightness about your work.



Big thanks to all the incredible vendors who made this wedding so special: